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Departmental Expense Statements
For the Year Ending ____
  Dec. 31, 2xxx
(last year)
Dec. 31, 2xxx
(four years ago)
Rooms Department Expenses
Salaries and Wages including Vacation $ 2,113,420$ 1,841,838
Employee Benefits 563,974440,175
Payroll Taxes 295,879257,857
  Subtotal 2,973,2732,539,870
Laundry, Linen, and Guest Supplies 246,209227,971
Complimentary Food and Beverages 7,7157,872
Total Rooms Department Expenses 3,633,6993,148,650

Food and Beverage Department Expenses
Salaries and Wages including Vacation $ 2,689,808$ 2,344,157
Employee Benefits 717,785560,222
Payroll Taxes 376,573328,182
  Subtotal 3,784,1663,232,561
Employee Meals 178,854182,504
Laundry and Dry Cleaning 37,21335,441
China, Glassware, Silver, and Linen 26,64826,384
Cost of Food 791,016732,422
Cost of Beverages 210,359206,234
Total Food and Beverage Dept. Expenses 5,419,0204,794,931

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