The Zinnia and Service Workers Local H-56

A Collective Bargaining Simulation
© John W. Budd, 2019

The Zinnia
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This is a collective bargaining simulation created by John W. Budd for use in labor relations courses. The collective bargaining agreement (contract, for short) between The Zinnia, a 300-room hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Local H-56 of the International Union of Service Workers and Allied Employees expires soon [as specified by your instructor]. Participants must explore the The Zinnia's website and Local H-56's website to learn about the environment and determine their priorities and constraints. This includes corporate intranet pages and Local H-56's Zinnia bargaining updates.

Bargaining can take place in person or if the instructor arranges, via a video calling app, e-mail, or other communication method.

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Earlier versions of The Zinnia

This simulation accompanies my textbook, Labor Relations: Striking a Balance (McGraw-Hill Education), but can also be used by other interested instructors.