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The Zinnia Collective Bargaining Simulation

If you are negotiating in a remote environment, working collaboratively in shared Google Docs/Sheets might be more effective than circulating Word/Excel documents. When you click the desired link(s) below, you will be prompted to make your own copy (if you are not signed into a Google account, you will first be asked to login). Press the "Make a copy" button, and a copy of the Doc/Sheet will then open and will be saved to your default Google Drive. You will then be the owner of that copy, so you can edit, re-name, and share with others as desired.

Note on the Costing Sheet: cell protections do not copy. Be careful about only editing the cells in blue. If a formula is accidentally changed or deleted, you can try restoring it using undo or by reverting to an earlier version in your sheet's version history. Or you can return to this page and start with a fresh copy.


Contract Proposal Worksheets (Management)

Contract Proposal Worksheets (Union)

Current Collective Bargaining Agreement

Costing Program


Troubleshooting Note

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