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Attention New Bargaining Team Members
New negotiators are encouraged to review the Getting Started training materials, available as a 9-minute video or pdf handout.

The Zinnia Bargaining Updates: Negotiations Background

After two NLRB elections, Local H-56 was successful in winning representation rights for employees at The Zinnia in 1980. Two years ago, the current business agent of Local H-56 for The Zinnia was elected to a four-year term. Much of the support for the new business agent came from single mothers whom the business agent won over by her pledge of day care benefits and flexible scheduling.

Collective bargaining between The Zinnia and H-56 has been relatively stable and professional, but we are fearful that Ms. Baldercash may take a more personal role in these negotiations. Ms. Baldercash apparently believes that too much of her profits are being eaten up by an overly-generous wage and benefit package for the rank and file. She may think that she can exploit us because we have many members who are immigrants and members of minority groups, but we will show her otherwise, even if this means picketing her new $5.6 million Gothic lakefront home!

In the previous contract negotiation, we agreed to small wage increases and minimal benefits improvements, but this time will be different! We had 176 employees before the recession and now we are down to 167. We are proud that many of The Zinnia employees work full-time, but we also know that ALL of the employees are overworked, underpaid, and under-insured!

The leadership is fighting for The Zinnia employees and all others in the local industry! Here are some breakdowns of your unit. You are encouraged to talk with each other about the issues facing us in the negotiations. We are all in this together!

Age Distribution
of the
Zinnia Bargaining Unit
  Seniority Distribution
of the
Zinnia Bargaining Unit
AgeNumber   Years of ServiceNumber
16-205   < 18
21-2532   110
26-3043   214
31-3542   3-545
36-4027   6-1049
41-458   11-1519
46-502   16-2011
51-553   21+11

Typical Weekly
Hours Worked
(Zinnia Bargaining Unit)
  Departmental Distribution
of the
Zinnia Bargaining Unit
HoursNumber   DepartmentNumber
< 208   Banquet*10
20-2925   Bar14
30-3421   Bellstand12
35-4029   Cooks28
> 40 84    Dining Room42
 167   Housekeeping44
     Pantry and Dish 17 
Average weekly hours:
(excl. overtime)
35 hrs    167
Average weekly overtime:2 hrs   * Plus 40 on-call.

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