The Zinnia: Corporate Information

The Zinnia: Corporate History

The Zinnia is a 300-room hotel in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is a full-service hotel, i.e., a hotel providing a wide variety of services including food and beverage facilities and meeting rooms, that has been in business since 1991. The Zinnia was purchased in 2003 by Ms. Lucy Baldercash. Ms. Baldercash is a prominent figure in the metropolitan area and owns several other commercial and retail properties in the Twin Cities. She owns nearly all of the common stock of The Zinnia and closely monitors the management and financial performance of her diversified properties. Ms. Baldercash is also known for her generous support of a local children's charity.

Traditionally, The Zinnia catered to business travelers, who accounted for 50 percent of annual room bookings pre-pandemic, and to local business meetings. The Zinnia is also part of a group of hotels close to the Minneapolis Convention Center and convention business traditionally comprised 30 percent of the hotel's customers. The Zinnia tries to maintain an ambitious upgrade schedule for guest room and meeting spaces connectivity and technology.

Historically, tourist travelers accounted for the remaining 20 percent of The Zinnia's bookings. But business travel has been the slowest to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic so the hotel is trying to identify ways to attract more leisure visitors. Some ideas being considered include enhanced exercise and well-being facilities.

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