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UPCOMING RALLIES!  Come show your support!

Donations Needed for Our Striking Brothers and Sisters!

Our brothers and sisters in the California grocery industry are fighting against corporate greed to maintain decent and affordable health care. This critical issue affects us all! Food shelf donations are critically needed to help the 70,000 strikers continue their struggle.

The Zinnia Negotiations Rally!

Come help rally support for workers at The Zinnia who are negotiating a new contract. Meet at the local union hall this Thursday at 3:00p.m. We will march to The Zinnia and picket! The union makes us strong!

Ditchburn Election Rally!

Come help rally support for the Ditchburn Suites Hotel workers as they vote on for whether to join Local H-56. The election is scheduled for next month.

Rally: outside the Ditchburn this Friday at 4:00p.m.!

Rally on Behalf of Immigrant Workers!

Our brothers and sisters who are immigrant workers have been unfairly fired from the nonunion Holder Hotel as they fight for unionization. Do not let the Holder management think they can get away with this blatant abuse of human and workers rights! There will be a candelight vigil and rally at the Holder Hotel next Tuesday at 7:00p.m. Come join us as we fight for justice and solidarity!

National Day of Action on Paid Sick Leave!

Mark your calendar for next month's National Day of Action for paid sick leave. Join with local worker centers and national advocacy groups to show your support for local, state, and federal legislation for paid sick leave for all workers. Food workers need paid sick days to keep the public safe, but everyone should be have paid sick leave because no one should have to choose between their health (or the health of their children) and their financial security. Various activities will take place on the 5th to coincide with the "A Nickel a Ticket Keeps us All Healthy" campaign for paid sick leave for airline catering workers. Watch this space for more details.

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