The Ethics of Human Resources and Industrial Relations

John W. Budd and James G. Scoville, editors

2005 Research Volume,
Labor and Employment Relations Association
formerly, the Industrial Relations Research Association (IRRA)


In the business and economic spheres, many of the most pressing ethical issues--from both positive and normative perspectives--involve human resources and industrial relations (HRIR) issues, such as the rights of employees versus shareholders, employee privacy, whistle blowing, pay equity, discrimination, employee safety, anti-union campaigns, and negotiator behavior. But while there is vibrant scholarship in the field of business ethics--the application of ethical theories and moral philosophy to the business and organizational context--ethics is an under-analyzed area in HRIR. Since HRIR is ultimately about people and quality of life, there is a pressing need to develop the positive and normative applications of business ethics in HRIR. The 2005 LERA Research Volume, "The Ethics of Human Resources and Industrial Relations," therefore provides a comprehensive examination of major ethical theories and their application to diverse yet important HRIR issues.

August 2005, 330 pages
Paper, ISBN 0-913447-90-0
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Section I: Ethical Theory

Chapter 1
Moral Philosophy, Business Ethics, and the Employment Relationship
John W. Budd, University of Minnesota
James G. Scoville, University of Minnesota

Chapter 2
The Social Welfare Objectives and Ethical Principles of Industrial Relations
Bruce Kaufman, Georgia State University

Chapter 3
Kantian Ethical Thought
Norman Bowie, University of Minnesota

Chapter 4
Non-Western Ethical Frameworks: Implications for Human Resources and Industrial Relations
James G. Scoville, University of Minnesota
John J. Lawler, University of Illinois
Xiang Yi, Western Illinois University

Section II: HRIR Applications

Chapter 5
Globalization and Business Ethics in Employment Relations
Hoyt N. Wheeler, University of South Carolina

Chapter 6
The Technological Assault on Ethics in the Modern Workplace
Richard S. Rosenberg, University of British Columbia

Chapter 7
The Ethics of Human Resource Management
Elizabeth D. Scott, Eastern Connecticut State University

Chapter 8
Ethical Challenges in Labor Relations
John T. Delaney, Michigan State University

Section III: Ethics in Practice

Chapter 9
Ethical Practice in a Corporation: The Allina Case
Jonathan E. Booth, University of Minnesota
Ronald S. Heinz, Allina Health System
Michael W. Howe, Allina Health System

Chapter 10
Ethical Practice in a Labor Union: The UAW Case
Author: Linda Ewing, UAW

Chapter 11
The Critical Failure of Workplace Ethics
Gordon Lafer, University of Oregon


July 30, 2005
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